Sylvia Hinz – Recorder

falling trees, in memoriam Pauline Oliveros

falling trees, in memoriam Pauline Oliveros – my conceptual piece for violin, great bass recorder and leaves. inspiriert durch die beschäftigung mit hören und zuhören, auch weghören.

de/con/struct – “fragment defunctorum”

… exciting project: creating music with “found objects” together with a school class, based on a theme submitted by the kids … the result: music which is equally shocking and touching …

de/con/struct – “fragment defunctorum”, featuring: Gecko-Klasse Charlotte-Salomon-Grundschule Berlin, Beatlab, andererseits, Ensemble Progress, ensemble multiphon, direction: Sylvia Hinz / Sylvia Hinz – Recorder, John Strieder / John Strieder, Composer/Artist and Jens Brülls … presented @ Klangwerkstatt Berlin – Festival für Neue Musik – enjoy! …

The Making-Of:

Conjunction II by Catenation

“Conjunction II” by Catenation @ Unerhörte Musik

Klangwerkstatt 2016



FAT CAT concerts VI

11th December 2016, Berlin


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FAT CAT concerts V

20th November 2016, Berlin


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Klangwerkstatt 2016 (II)

12th November 2016, Berlin


Dopplung – Ergänzung – Gegenüber / doubling – supplement – counterpart Concert

Ensemble Progress / ensemble multiphon at Klangwerkstatt Berlin

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XelmYa Concert Tour through LA

#dissonance #losangeles #thewulf #betalevel #automata #outpost #riverside

“Gräser” by Violeta Dinescu

… my latest video – premiere of the beautiful “Gräser” (2016) by Violeta Dinescu … written for me as a surprise this summer – enjoy! 🙂 … with Sylvia Hinz …

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